My Mixed Media Christmas Tree

In The Studio
My mini-tree is the most decorated part of our home, so far.

My mini-tree is the most decorated part of our home, so far.

For this month’s Gauche Alchemy project I finally dug into the awesomeness that is the kawaii, Japanese-themed Kokeshi kit to decorate a silver tinsel tree for my office (head over to the Gauche blog to see how I put it all together). Not only does it add some festivity to my recently re-organized space, it’s the perfect size to pose with 1:6 scale dolls, of which I’ve acquired a few in the last couple of months, and as soon as I finish a couple more props I’ll be setting up a little photo-shoot.

Yes, I’m 37 years old and I’m totally reverting to childhood and playing with dolls again.

I’ve actually been interested in miniatures and dollhouses since I was young, but we never had space or money for the big fancy dollhouses I lusted after. I had Barbies as a kid, of course, but I wasn’t as enamoured with them as some of my friends were. I would make dioramas, sometimes, but mostly I just wished.

And what’s the fun in being a responsible adult with a full-time job if you can’t make some wishes come true now and then, right?

Is there anything you wished for as a child that you still want as an adult?
How can you make that happen–if not for Christmas, then in 2014?